Our Story

Founded in 2012, 15 lightyears is a social enterprise dedicated to fueling the future of energy and making the world a better place.We provide clean energy solutions for builders and homeowners, as well as test, verify, and certify new construction projects with the goal of helping our customers attain higher building performance and greater energy savings. 

In addition to being building performance contractors and energy experts, 15 lightyears is founded around the core belief that a more informed community means a better community and a better planet.

Every time a customer invests in our services, a portion of the proceeds goes directly towards funding a Lightyear Learning project or workshop where we teach parents and children the importance of energy efficiency and green practices. This is our way of giving back and inspiring families and homeowners to think and act more sustainably!

Our Mission

While we are first and foremost energy experts and building performance contractors, we strongly believe in creating a better, more sustainable community for future and current generations.

That is why it is our mission to not only help builders build better homes, but to inspire, engage, and educate the public about energy efficiency, renewable energy, and green practices. We do this through our Lightyear Learning Projects.


Our Accreditations:

  • Energy STAR Partner

  • Energy STAR Service Partner 

  • RESNET Home Energy Rater

  • Certified Energy Manager 
  • Certified Commissioning Authority
  • BPI Home Energy Professional Energy Auditor
  • DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Advisor
  • LEED Accredited Professional


  • LEED Green Associate 
  • Sustainability Professional Certificate
  • Green Globes Professional 
  • OUC Preferred Contractor
  • Duke Energy Approved Contractor
  • RESNET Approved Contractor
  • Orange County Public Schools Green Schools Program Advisor

Our Work

  • We've certified over 1,400 green homes and 6 high-rise building with the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC).
  • We conduct over 10,000 energy tests and verifications each year.
  • We serve production builders, customer builders, and multifamily developers across the state of Florida.
  • We serve on the boards of FGBC and USGBC, in addition to participating in several local organizational groups such as AAGO and GOBA.



Our Crew

With over 22 employees and 8 trucks, we've the best crew in FL. 

Lisa Pearcy, Chief Astronaut & Owner

Lisa PearcyChief Astronaut & Owner

Tim Smith, Chief Building Scientist & Operations Manager

Tim Smith, Chief Building Scientist & Operations Manager

Jeff Benavides, VP of Innovation & Partnerships

Jeff Benavides, VP of Innovation & Partnerships

Angela Hancock, Director of Headquarter Operations

Angela Hancock, Director of Headquarter Operations

Dan Wagner, Chief Electrical Manager

Dan Wagner, Chief Electrical Manager

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