The Solar Process

1. Consultation 

After you've filled out our Solar Customer Sheet, we will look at your energy bills and conduct a preliminary site check to determine if solar is right for you and your property. Once we've calculated your solar potential, we will let you how much you could save by switching to solar. It's quick, simple, and FREE.

Curious what goes into an initial consultation and site check? Learn More.

2. Design

After we've worked with you to determine the system that will best meet your energy needs or budget, our certified group of engineers will put together a set of electrical drawings to use for permitting. 

3. Permitting 

Once the electrical drawings are complete, we will send them to the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) and your local county/municipality for review. We fill out all the necessary paperwork needed to get your system approved, so that all you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait for installation day. 

4. Installation 

On installation day our certified crew of installers will carefully install your new solar system with as little disruption to the you or your business as possible. Once the system is fully installed, we will walk you through the controls and show you how to track you solar production.

* Average installation time is 4-6 hours, but may vary do to weather and system size.

5. Activation

Once your system is installed your local utility will need to do one final inspection to verify all the parts are where they should be and working correctly. If everything checks out, your system can be activated and start generating clean, renewable energy.

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