Our Solar Site Check

If your interested in going solar, one of the first steps to take is to get an initial consultation and site visit. 

What goes into that first visit? A series of visual inspections followed by some simple measurements to determine the size and generation capacity of your particular site, home, or business. Once this is done, we will take a look at your energy bills and provide you a free quote and layout. If you would like we can also provide recommendations for lowering you energy usage before you move forward with the solar, which may help reduce the size and cost of your system.  For a full list of everything that is collected during this inspection, please see below.

  • Roof dimensions

  • Roof material - Flat TPO, shingled, metal, tile?

  • Roof angle - angled or flat?

  • Roof orientation - which directions is your roof facing? Is there a side facing south? 

  • Size and local of any obstructions - do you have any vents or a chimney?

  • Truss structure beneath the roof

  • Aesthete considerations - Are you concerned about the panels being visible?

  • Availability of sun - Do you have a lot of trees on your property, or is the building shaded but another building? 

  • Storage and battery backup - Are you considering installing any time of energy storage?

  • Energy Bill