Rebates & Tax Incentives

Rebates & Tax Incentives 

Utility rebates and federal tax incentives are a great reason to go green. They offer builders, homeowners, and business the ability to make energy efficiency upgrades and other improvements without breaking the bank. 

Utility Rebates

Depending on what utility you fall under, there a number of great rebates available 

Common Rebates Include:

  • Energy Star Water Heater

  • Energy Star Windows

  • A/C Replacement

  • Duct Test and Repair

  • Attic Insulation Upgrade

45L Tax Credit

This is a $2,000 federal tax credit to builders and contractor for the construction of new, energy efficient homes. To claim this credit a number of energy requirements must me meet. LEARN MORE.

ITC Solar Tax Credit

The Solar Investment Tax Credit, or "ITC" is a 30% federal tax credit for homeowners and business who decide to install solar on their home or property. LEARN MORE