15 Lightyears Learning Garden Project - Sept. 21 (Orlando, FL)

15 lightyears Foundation and Orlando Community Partners will bring together volunteers to help make a healthier, more sustainable learning environment by building the children at Bailes Community Academy an outdoor garden and learning space. This space will help them grow as a school and as a community.

The Lightyear Learning Project presents an opportunity for students, teachers, and parents to take action in their communities and demonstrate that “where we learn matters”! This space will be fitted with Gardens in phase 1 and as the plants grow so will the space. We expect to add the below trellis, an outdoor music garden, as well as an art space.

Event Details Below!


September 21st, 2019
10 – 2 pm


UCP Bailes Community Academy
4780 Data Ct. Orlando FL, 32817
Phone: 407-852-3300
website: www.ucpcfl.org


15 lightyears Foundation, FOOD TRUCKS, PAVER CO. UCP


  • Donations In Kind

  • Monetary Donations

  • Sponsor a Portion of the Project

    Items you can add to the project: Shed/Greenhouse for tools and seedlings, Large fans,
    Cement, Paint, Plants, Micro Irrigation, Trucks for Soil, Ideas, We are open to anything to
    Enhance this beautiful space. Please see materials list for more ideas.

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