Energy Performance

With building codes continuing to in act stricter policies and regulations, it is important to understand what goes into a well built, energy efficient home. The following tests and inspections can be used to test buildings for energy performance and air infiltration. For information about all our testing and verification services, check out energy services page.


The HERS Index 

The HERS Index is a nationally recognized scoring system established by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) that is used to measure a home's energy performance.The lower a building's HERS Score, the more energy efficient it is.

Each 1-point decrease from 100 equates to a 1% reduction in energy consumption. So a home that scores a 65 on the HERS Index is 35% more energy efficient than the standard new home.

Generating a HERS Score requires a review of the home's plans, and a field inspection in verify data and test for air leaks in the home and ductwork. This can be done using a blower door and smoke test. 

DID YOU KNOW? Over 190,000 homes, roughly 38% of all new homes sold in the U.S., were issued a HERS Index score in 2015?


Blower Door Testing

A blower door is a machine that is used to measure air tightness of homes. It consists of an adjustable frame, a fitted cover, a fan, and a pressure gauge.

First, the flexible frame is fitted to an exterior door. Then, the fan is used to pull air out of the home or unit which depressurizes the air inside. Air infiltration can then be determined by measuring how much air from outside leaks in through openings and unsealed cracks.


DID YOU KNOW... starting July 2017 all builders in the state of Florida will be required to perform blower door tests on every home/unit? 



Duct Leakage Tests

With heating and cooling accounting for more than 30% of your energy bill, your ductwork is a crucial component to energy performance.  Leaks and air loss can cost you money on your utility bill and if, severe enough, can place major pressure on your HVAC system.

A duct test will tell you if there are any major leaks in your ductwork and can be used to make suggestions about repairs.