Building performance testing and inspections are essential to the success of every well-built home or multifamily apartment building.  

Our nationally certified inspection crew tests homes and buildings to calculate air tightness, determine where and why energy is being lost, and make recommendations for cost-effective measures to improve the efficiency and durability of homes and buildings. To learn more about the equipment and tools used for determining building performance, check out our Energy Performance page.


Testing & Inspection Services

Energy Code Compliance

We provide testing and verification to ensure homes and buildings meet the most up to date Energy Code. Learn more about the 2016 Florida Energy Code here.

Duct Repair and Replacement

We repair leaky ductwork, and design and replace new ducts to ensure quality air flow and ventilation. 

Blower Door Testing & Air Pressure  

We calculate air leakage and pressure in homes and buildings using blower door technology and the latest in energy testing equipment. 

Energy Modeling/HERS Testing

Using energy modeling software, we calculate energy usage in new homes and buildings to identify its HERS score, or energy performance rating.

Commercial & Residential Energy Audits

We perform residential and commercial energy audits to identify where improvements can be made to optimize energy performance.

Thermal Bypass Inspection

Using infrared imaging we inspect homes for air leaks to identify leaks prior to drywall being installed.  

Duct Leakage 

We test ductwork for air leaks using a smoke test and blower door to identify where and why energy is being lost.

45L Tax Credit

This is a $2,000 Tax Credit for builders and developers of energy efficient homes and multifamily buildings.

Blown-In Attic Insulation

We provide blown-in attic insulation for homeowners and businesses looking to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and buildings.


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